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To ensure the system is operating as efficiently as possible the right type of controls must be installed.

One of the greatest advantages of the hydronic heating system is the ability to control the temperature of each room independently; this saves on running costs thus cutting down on the energy used as heat is only produced where it is required.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

To ensure that the home is comfortable it is important that you can determine the optimal temperature in each individual living and working area. This can be achieved by installing thermostatic radiator valves.

These valves are fitted to each radiator panel and allow the temperature of the room to be controlled independently when the heating system is in use; they are a low cost energy saving option and can be retrofitted.

The thermostatic radiator valves supplied by Foster Heating are manufactured by a leading European manufacturer and operate by the use of a liquid sensor. The liquid sensor operates an internal mechanism that allows the valve to open or close as required modulating the flow of water into the radiator panel allowing a constant room temperature to be maintained.

The thermostatic valve has 5 different temperature settings as well as an antifreeze * setting that is used when no heat is required for that particular room and a maximum setting recommended for summer use; obtaining maximum energy savings.

Thermostatic radiator valves can be installed on all but one radiator, the one that is sited in the room where the room thermostat is installed usually the hall or the room with the largest area of free moving air.

Programmable Room Thermostat

The CM907 is a wall mounted room thermostat that is designed to provide temperature and time control for heating systems.

The extra large LCD display, simple programming philosophy and button layout are all designed with the end user in mind - making it an ideal choice for those consumers requiring precision temperature control that is reliable.

The CM907 is manufacturer by one of Europes leading manufacturer of system controls, Honeywell. Their considerable expertise and technological advances in controls has resulted in a programmable room thermostat with the following features and benefits:

  • Slim styling means it is suitable for all locations and blends easily into all interior dr. 
  • 7 day heating program with up to 6 periods a day programming allowing for complete reliable control and more importantly energy savings. 
  • Easy to program with text display that gives feedback to the user and a simple ok button for confirmation. 
  • Large clear LCD screen with back lighting feature 
  • Off position with integral frost detection automatically set at 5C meaning that the pipes will never freeze 
  • Override buttons
  • Day off feature
  • Holiday function this provides energy savings by maintaining a set temperature for up to 99 days retuning to the normal set programming the day of return.
  • Party feature that allows for a required temperature to be maintained up to 23 hours before returning to normal operation.

Baxi Programmable Room Thermostat
The Baxi Comfort Controller is a wall-mounted room thermostat that is designed to provide temperature and time control for heating systems.

The Baxi controller enables the end user to control many features on the hydronic boiler such as adjusting the operating temperature or even switching it off without having to step outside (in cases where the boiler is installed externally).

The Baxi wall controller has the advantage of displaying all of the boilers self diagnostic fault codes, meaning you never have to step outside if the hydronic boiler fails, you just simply record the unique code in the display and contact your local service engineer who will recognize and be fully prepared before arriving at your home.  





thermostatic radiator valves


thermostatic radiator valve

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Baxi Programmable Room Thermostat


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