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Radiator Valves


Italy’s leading valve manufacturer, Giacomini products are renowned globally for their design and product reliability. With their long standing reputation in the Australian market, Foster Heating is proud to be a specialist installer of Giacomini hydronic valves.

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Hydronic Valves: 

All hydronic radiators are installed with a lock shield and a hand wheel. The lock shield is used to accurately set and ensure the correct water flow through each radiator. The hand wheel, otherwise known as an on/off valve, allows you to individually control the functionality of each radiator.

Giacomini_Thermostatic_Valve_white   Giacomini_Thermostatic_Valve_Chrome

Thermostatic Valve Controls: 

Thermostatic controls can be added to the Giacomini valves to thermostatically control the desired room temperature at each radiator. Thermostatic valves further reduce the running costs of the hydronic system by restricting flow to individual radiators once they have reached the desired room temperature.

Fernox Water Treatment

Fernox was the world’s first water treatment company. Fernox has designed and developed a range of high quality water treatment products proven to not only improve hydronic heating efficiency, but prolong the life of the system. Foster Heating proudly relies on the Fernox water treatment range to improve, clean and protect all the hydronic system that we install.


F1 Protector 

  • Protects against corrosion and scale forming in hydronic systems
  • When used in conjunction with F3 Cleaner, can improve operational efficiency of up to 15% (existing systems).
  • Stops frequent venting of radiators
  • Prevents sticking pumps and boiler noise
  • Reduces maintenance costs and saves on fuel bills
  • Prevents cold spots in radiators
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly


F3 cleaner

  • Used in conjunction with power flushing to professionally clean existing systems
  • Neutral, universal cleaner for pre-commissioning new systems
  • Removes sludge, lime scale and other debris to restore heating efficiency of existing systems
  • Neutral, non-hazardous formula
  • When used in conjunction with F1 Protector, can improve operational efficiency of up to 15% (existing systems).