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Bosch FR120

Siemens Rev 17

Siemens REV 17


FR 120 Thermostat

The Bosch FR120 is a digital, wall mounted room thermostat that is designed to provide accurate temperature and time control for hydronic heating systems. FR120 has been design to deliver all the latest advanced features combined with the user friendly simplicity that you’d except from Bosch. 

Rev 17 Thermostat

The Siemens Rev 17 Thermostat is a minimalist, digital room thermostat, designed specifically for hydronic heating systems.
Its extra-large LCD display, simple programming philosophy and button layout are all designed with the end user in mind.
The Siemens Rev 17 thermostat is the ideal choice for those consumers requiring precision temperature control and long term reliably. 


Bosch FR 120 Features:

  • 7 – Day programmable with up to 6 event periods per day
  • User friendly functionality
  • Slim, White styling - suitable for all locations and interior décor
  • Large, clear LCD screen with back lighting feature
  • Optimal Start – pre-activate start up for desired temperature settings
  • Domestic hot water functionality
  • Automatic frost detection
  • Holiday function - Ensuring off whilst your away, but heated upon return
  • Fault diagnostics
  • Instant comfort feature
  • Low Voltage – Increased safety
  • Manual override
  • Long term reliability

Siemens Rev 17 Features:

  • 7 – Day program with up to 3 heating periods per day
  • Manual slide for easy programming
  • User friendly functionality
  • Attractive, minimalist appearance
  • 5 Program modes with manual temp adjustment
  • Large LD screen with back lighting feature
  • Holiday function - Ensuring off whilst your away, but heated upon return
  • Off position with automatic frost detection
  • Easy to use Override buttons to manually adjust desired temperature
  • Long term reliability