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Our designated, full time experts come with an unparalleled knowledge and a life time of hydronic experience.  Rest assured you have only the very best to assist with your hydronic system.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Hydronic Heating work?2021-07-09T13:37:35+10:00

Hydronic Heating operates using a re-circulated hot water system powered by natural or LPG gas. The water is pumped to radiator panels installed throughout the home or through coils installed in the concrete slab. Systems are programmed using a centralised, climate controlled thermostat, but individual radiators and coils can also be independently operated. Hydronic systems are renowned for superior heating comfort and operational efficiency.

How often do I need to service my hydronic system?2021-07-09T13:37:40+10:00

All Hydronic systems must be serviced annually to ensure operational efficiency and system longevity. To ensure peace of mind, we recommend all hydronic maintenance be conducted by a specialist, Foster Heating service technician.

Can you service my hydronic system?2021-07-09T13:37:47+10:00

Foster Heating proudly boasts Melbourne’s largest, specialist hydronic heating service department.
Our designated, full time service technicians come with an unparalleled knowledge and a life time of service experience.

How can I arrange a service call?2021-07-09T13:37:52+10:00

For bookings, please click on ‘book a service’ to request an online appointment or alternatively call 9569 9559 (option 2) or email [email protected]

Major benefits compared to gas ducted heating2021-07-09T13:37:58+10:00
  • Operational efficiency (approximately 20-25% cheaper to run than traditional gas ducted system)
  • Healthier alternative (asthma and allergy suffers)
  • Hydronic Heating is clean, silent and free of dust (no fans, drafts and cold areas).
  • Hydronic Heating operates to a consistent, ambient temperature throughout all areas of your home (no drafts).
  • Quality and reliability (system longevity)
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
Running costs compared to typical gas ducted heating2021-07-09T13:38:05+10:00

A hydronic heating system will be approximately 20-25% cheaper to run than a gas ducted system.

Showroom open hours2021-07-09T13:38:17+10:00

Melbourne largest hydronic heating showroom is open:

Monday – Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturdays: 10am-4pm

Installation cost of hydronic heating2021-07-09T13:38:11+10:00

Foster Heating can individually design a hydronic heating systems to suit your individual requirements and budget. Installations costs will vary depending on the size and characteristics of the home.  The best way to accurately assess the cost of hydronic heating is to email, phone or visit one of our friendly sales staff to arrange quote.

Do we use subcontractors2021-07-09T13:38:22+10:00

No. All of our Plumbers, Service Techs and Electricians are Foster Heating employees.

Installation in existing homes2021-07-09T13:38:28+10:00

Any home can have hydronic heating installed, however the type, materials and construction of the house may will determine the difficulty and therefor the cost of the installation. Ideally, if you have enough access under the floor to crawl around, then installation is quite easy. If you home is on a concrete slab, the pipework to the radiators may need to be run externally or retro fitted down cavity walls.

What is the installation warranty?2021-07-09T13:38:40+10:00

All Foster Heating installed systems come with a statutory 7 year workmanship warranty.

What are the Boiler / Equipment Warranty’s?2021-07-09T13:38:34+10:00
  • All Ideal hydronic boilers installed by Foster Heating have a 10 year parts and labour warranty.
  • All Ideal boilers also feature a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger.
  • All Delonghi radiators are guaranteed by a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All Rehau pipework and fittings are covered by a 25 year warranty.
What are you areas of installation?2021-07-09T13:38:46+10:00

Foster Heating installs hydronic heating systems in all areas of metro Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. Interstate installations can also be arranged for Tasmania, Canberra and NSW.

How can I arrange a quote?2021-07-09T13:38:52+10:00

Please feel free to visit our showroom, bring your plans and discuss your requirements with our professional sales team. Our Showroom Hours are 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri) & 10am – 4pm (Sat).

Furthermore, if you have a set of floor plans, you are encouraged to email them to our sales staff. Online quotes will require accurate floor plans and elevations. Additional information such as window sizes, insulation and construction should also be provided if available.

Do you work with major home builders?2021-07-09T13:28:39+10:00

Over the years, Foster Heating has developed a great working relationship with most major home builders.
Foster Heating has the operational flexibility to suit even the most demanding schedule of the large volume builders.

Experience in the industry2021-07-09T13:27:19+10:00

With over 45 years’ experience and almost 10,000 completed hydronic installations, look no further than Victoria’s most experienced Hydronic heating company.

Foster Heating: Your Hydronic Heating Experts

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