Pipework and Fittings

Uponor: Slab Heating Pipe Work

Foster Heating is an authorised Uponor installer.
All Foster Hydronic heating systems are installed using genuine Uponor piping systems.
All Uponor slab heating pipe is PEX-A rated (oxygen barrier for system longevity) and is covered by a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Rehau: Radiator System Pipe Work

Foster Heating is proudly recognised as an authorised Rehau installer. All Foster heating radiator systems are installed using genuine Rehau piping systems. Rehau pipe uses brass compression fittings to ensure permanent leak-proof installation and Rehau’s pipe technology provides an oxygen barrier for system longevity. Rehau’s unique expansion and compression system also guarantees no internal reduction of line diameter, ensuring superior water flow throughout the hydronic system. All Rehau pipe is cover by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Installation in action

Hydronic Slab heating is an unobtrusive, luxurious and efficient form of Hydronic heating. In-Slab Hydronic heating systems is installed using polythene ‘floor circuits’ embedded in the concrete slab. The system is heated with 50°C water from the Hydronic boiler and can be zoned to suit individual requirements.

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