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Bosch HydroComfort: Heat Pump for Hydronic Heating

The Future of Hydronic Heating….

Designed and developed in Europe for Scandinavian temperature conditions, the Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump is the most energy efficient heat pump on the market. A well-designed Bosch heat pump  for hydronic heating can be over 400% efficient, meaning 1Kwatt of electricity can produce up to 4Kwatts of heat energy to heat your home.

The Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump, has a heating capacity of up to 350 Sqm and is available as single-phase unit in both 8 Kw and 16 Kw models.

Features Include:

Most efficient Hydronic Heat Pumps on the Market

(COP 4.80 for 8 Kwatt and COP 4.56 for 16 Kwatt)

Perfect for hydronic customers with no access to Natural Gas

Single Phase Power Supply (both models)

Possible to off-set operating costs with PV solar

Domestic Hot Water Capability (16kw model only)

Market Leading: 8 Year Warranty (Parts and Labour)

*COP: Co-Efficiency of Performance  @ 7-degree Air Temp / 35-degree water

Manufacturers Warranty

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