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AUDAX TOP ErP Heat Pump for Hydronic Heating

The Future of Hydronic Heating….

The Immergas ‘Air to Water’ heat pump, uses inverter technology to electrically power your hydronic system.
A well designed Immergas heat pump and hydronic system can be over 400% efficient, meaning 1 Kwatt if electrical energy can produce up to 4 Kwatts of heat energy to your home.

The Immergas heat pump has a heating capacity of up to 300Spm and is available as a single-phase unit in 16 kwatts.

Features Include:

COP 4.48 for 16 Kwatt

Perfect for hydronic customers with no access to Natural Gas

Single Phase Power Supply

Possible to off-set operating costs with PV solar

Horizontal buffer tank available for space saving

7 Year Warranty Manufacturers (Parts and Labour)

*COP: Co-Efficiency of Performance  @ 7-degree Air Temp / 35-degree water

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