In Screed & In Slab Hydronic Heating

Hydronic In Slab Heating

Hydronic in slab heating is an unobtrusive, luxurious and efficient form of hydronic heating. In slab hydronic heating systems are installed using polythene ‘floor circuits’ embedded in the concrete slab. The system is heated with 50°C water from the hydronic boiler and can be zoned to suit individual requirements.

Hydronic slab heating can be suitable for a wide variety of different flooring. With Melbourne winters proving to be one of the coldest in Australia, save yourself during the cooler months and invest in quality in slab hydronic heating for your home.


Visually unobtrusive

Can be zoned to suit individual requirements

In Screed Hydronic Heating

Hydronic in screed heating offers a more superior form of underfloor hydronic heating. It is installed using an insulation barrier over the concrete slab which then reduces heat loss and results in a faster reaction time. Ensure your home is treated to the best possible hydronic heating system so you can stay warm throughout the cooler months.


Reduced heat loss and faster reaction times

Installed above the structural concrete slab

What is the difference between in slab and in screed hydronic heating?

In slab hydronic heating is the standard method of underfloor heating installation, and involves the heating system being embedded into the concrete slab. On the other hand, in screed systems are installed over the concrete slab, offering a superior, more luxurious form of underfloor heating. In screed heating also provides reduced heat loss and faster reaction times than in slab heating.

The benefits of hydronic underfloor heating

In addition to providing luxurious, energy-efficient heating for your home, in slab and in screed hydronic heating offer a range of benefits that you won’t get from other heating systems.

  • Versatile. Hydronic underfloor heating can be installed under a variety of different flooring, including tiles, laminate, natural stone, and even carpet. It’s a good idea to consult with hydronic heating experts to discuss the best heating options for your home.
  • Allergy friendly. In slab and in screed hydronic heating use boiling water to heat your home rather than recycled, heated air. This means that there are less allergens being circulated through your home, so allergy and asthma sufferers can rest easy.
  • Cost effective. Once installed, underfloor hydronic heating can be up to 35% more cost effective than other forms of heating.

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