Designed and developed in Europe for Scandinavian temperature conditions, the Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump is the most energy e cient heat pump on the market. Heat Pump technology utilises the refrigeration cycle like a reverse cycle air conditioner, but instead of blowing air around your home it uses water. This water is pumped silently through oor coils or wall mounted radiator panels, to gently release the heat into your home. A well-designed Bosch system can be over 400% e cient, meaning 1Kwatt of electricity can produce up to 4Kwatts of heat energy to heat your home.

The Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump, has a heating capacity of up to 350 Sqm and is ideally designed for low temperature in-slab hydronic installations. It can also be utilised for traditional radiator panels by increasing individual panel sizes. It is the perfect energy e ciency upgrade for existing LPG or wood red in-slab heating systems.

The Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump, is available as single-phase unit in both 8 Kw and 16 Kw models. The 16 Kw model is additionally capable of supplying domestic hot water and supplementing pool heating.

Unlike traditional gas hydronic heating installations, the Bosch Hydronic Heat Pump’s running costs can be o set by PV electric solar, lowering running costs even further.

Excess solar energy can be harnessed to operate the hydronic heat pump during the day, whilst solar battery options can be tailored to power the hydronic system during evenings.

Bosch’s advancements in heat pump technology have allowed hydronic specialists to custom design hydronic heating solutions. Which in conjunction with suitable PV electric solar and battery storage, can provide an energy neutral heating solution for your home. The Bosch Compress 3000 AW Hydronic Heat Pump is the logical choice for the energy conscious consumer.